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12 Apr 13

South Africa has seen an escalating assault on our rhino populations in the last three years – so much so that we’re now facing the highest level of rhino poaching that’s ever been experienced in this country.

Urgent and drastic action is required. One of the additional tragedies is that over 280 organisations have been created to raise money for rhino conservation. However, many of these are scams.

Join hands with Pick and Pay and the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), and dare to care for the security of Africa’s precious rhino. At the moment, this leading organisation is spearheading several rhino projects for which they urgently need funds.

Let’s make sure that future generations have the opportunity to see and experience our magnificent rhinos in the wild.

Vist www.ewt.org.za to make a donation.

  • We are losing one rhino every day.

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