Kids in Parks

Giving underprivileged children the chance to visit a National Park. That's where we've found GOODNESS.

R1.00 from the sale of every PnP Green Bag goes towards Kids in Parks, a project that every year gives thousands of disadvantaged learners and their teachers the opportunity to visit our national parks to learn and promote conservation.

05 Apr 13

Many children in South Africa have never left their hometown, haven’t been on a bus, and can only imagine what lies beyond their homes.

Kids in Parks, a partnership between Pick n Pay and the government, takes children from disadvantaged areas into national parks so that they can experience the wonder of nature and learn more about the wider environment. For many it’s a life-changing experience, and broadens their horizons.

Every year, Kids in Parks takes 5,000 children into South Africa’s national parks. These children are given the chance to learn about the environment, to climb mountains, to ride horses and spend time experiencing the good things that our country has to offer. The three-day programme is packed with discoveries and large doses of fun.

  • The 3-day programme allows for loads of fun and discovery in the parks.

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