To some, All Seasons is simply a glass of milk. However, to many rural women and farm workers, it's a chance at a better life. Through education, job creation and shareholding in the business, this local business has uplifted a community and ensured social change.

Investing in local economic growth. That's where we've found GOODNESS

17 Apr 12

When you pick up a carton of All Seasons Milk at Pick n Pay, take a look at it because this healthy product is evidence of an inspired partnership between Pick n Pay and the All Seasons food brand.

Suzanne Ackerman-Berman, Director of Transformation at Pick n Pay, says All Seasons speaks directly to Pick n Pay’s own transformation agenda.

“Providing small suppliers with viable market access is a priority for us and we are very proud to be the first retailer to support All Seasons products, the sales of which serve to uplift rural communities by ensuring a sustainable income stream for the rural women and farmworkers in the Western Cape who own this brand.”

All Seasons is owned by the Proudly African Intshona Agri-business Initiative, one of the first food brands to give ownership to rural black women and farmworkers, helping them to have a real stake in the economy.

There really is a lot of goodness in a glass of All Seasons milk indeed.

  • Cows eat about 100kg of grass every day.
  • South Africa produces roughly 200 million litres of milk per month.

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