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Gym for Life brings together male and female gymnasts of all ages and from various cultures through the art performance, displaying the wide range of physical activities gymnastics has to offer.

Giving young gymnasts an opportunity to compete. That’s where we’ve found GOODNESS.

16 July 2013

According to the Medical Research Council of South Africa, child obesity is at an epidemic level, with more than 17% of children living in urban areas classified as overweight. With such a stark reality, the best thing we can do for our youth is to get them away from the TV games and into more physical activity. Gymnastics, which incorporates strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination and discipline, is a great way to get our children closer to a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why Pick n Pay is supporting a team of disadvantaged children from Hanover Park and Manenberg, and helping them to achieve their dream to participate in the Gym for Life 2nd World Challenge. This challenge is an eight-day international gymnastics event where groups compete to be crowned the World Gym for Life Champion. The only thing standing in the children’s way was that their families couldn’t afford their outfits.

So Pick n Pay Clothing stepped in and sponsored the gymnasts’ attire, enabling thirty underprivileged children to compete in the event. The group of six to 14-year-olds, who train at the Hanover Park Community Centre, received denim jump suits, zip up hoodies and long sleeve tees branded with “PnP Clothing Supports…” The clothing was specially requested to tie in with the farmyard theme of their performance.

Run by the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG), the World Gym for Life Challenge is a global contest for amateur gymnasts of all ages and genders. The participating groups can perform for a maximum of five minutes to music, incorporating any gymnastic element, with or without apparatus.
fast facts
  • Cape Town is the first African city to host an international Gymnastics for All event.
  • The first World Gym for Life Challenge was held in 2009 in Austria.
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