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The B2 Medical Ward accepts the sickest children with varying medical cases, including general medical problems, infectious diseases, and chronic illnesses

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13 Jul 13

Pick n Pay offers ongoing support to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. We were recently involved in the B2 Medical Ward Upgrade.

The B2 Medical Ward was originally built along with the Hospital in 1956 and has only seen minor upgrades since then. With insufficient space to accommodate and prevent cross-infection, lack of facilities for parents who stay with their children and out-dated staff facilities and vital equipment, this upgrade could not have been more appreciated nor come sooner.

It is an extremely busy inpatient ward with a patient turnover of 80 to 100 admissions per month and daily occupation of beds running at over 95%. They accept the sickest children with varying medical cases, catering for patients with general medical problems, infectious diseases, and chronic illnesses. It aims to provide optimal clinical care for all inpatients as well as education, psychological and social support to the patient and family throughout their stay and as visiting outpatients.

65% – 70% of children admitted to the B2 ward are less than 12 months of age who are the most vulnerable to infection, with 25% of admitted children being HIV positive, and 15% infected with TB. The patient outcomes are now hugely improved. 50% – 60% of patients admitted will require high-care monitoring and/or intervention and now with increased isolation and general ward space there is a major reduction in the risk of cross-infection. The better quality conditions for children whilst admitted also contribute to their positive prognosis.

The theme chosen for the donor appreciation wall was a lovely child-friendly fairground mural. The B2 Medical Ward staff and patients moved back into the Ward on 11 March 2013.

The new B2 Medical Ward is larger than the old ward as it has acquired extra space by utilising previously unused areas close to the façade of the building (in the front) and the entrance to the unit.

With a refurbished ward that includes a few new areas, cross infection between patients has been significantly reduced with the provision of single isolation cubicles (9 as opposed to 1), multiple ward options (two 4-bed wards, two 6-bed wards and two high care wards with 2 beds in each) and new air conditioned treatment rooms; providing a waiting room space for parents and children to feel comfortable; and the additions of a counselling room, procedure room and occupational therapy play room for patients that uses a holistic approach to therapies.

Our heartfelt and sincere appreciation extends to each and every one of our loyal donors to this special project. This amazing transformation and upgrade would not have been possible without your support.

Thank you!

  • It is regarded as SA's leading postgraduate specialist paediatric medical and surgical training.
  • The hospital is active in paediatric outreach and support programmes across South Africa.
  • Red Cross is SA's only dedicated child health institution offerring specialist paediatric services.

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