The Flower Valley Conservation Trust is using fynbos for social upliftment. Through education in floral harvesting, the Trust is sustaining our natural beauty and bringing economic change to rural communities.

Conserving our floral kingdom. That's where we've found GOODNESS

17 Apr 12

The Cape Floral Kingdom is one of the world’s richest plant kingdoms. So, how does picking up a glorious bouquet of proteas, ericas, and other flowers at Pick n Pay ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy this gift of beauty?

Fynbos is threatened by invasive species, uncontrolled fires, and challenges from climate change and human settlement where these treasures grow.
Enter The Flower Valley Conservation Trust.

Nestled between the hills of Stanford, lies a farm of a thousand different flowers. Harvesters move from flower to flower, knowing exactly what to pick and what to leave to ensure a sustainable future.

For many of their suppliers and pickers, harvesting flowers isn’t only a passion; it’s also about capacity building and entrepreneurial opportunities.

In addition to training courses, including life skills training, which are supported by the trust, it has allowed them to develop their own picking teams and to manage their own small businesses, which now supply sustainably-harvested fynbos to FYNSA.

For Pick n Pay the work of the trust was an ideal opportunity to put into practice one of their core values: that doing good is good business. By offering crucial small business training and financial support to the Flower Valley Conservation Trust, flowers now grace the shelves of Pick n Pay stores. By buying these flowers you are supporting the work of the trust: empowering and developing the business of bringing beauty to stores in a sustainable manner.

It’s all about Goodness, the goodness you’ve come to expect from Pick n Pay with great ranges at the lowest possible prices. Pick n Pay has always believed that doing good is good business. They know you care about your environment and your community – and so does Pick n Pay.

  • Fynbos is the only one of the world's floral kingdoms that is found entirely in one country.
  • More than 1400 fynbos species have been listed as critically rare.

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