Berry Hill Trading

Sibusiso Tshabalala saw the potential in his grandfather's woodcutting and charcoal venture. So he took it and grew it into a thriving business, uplifting a community in the process.

In the big impact of small business. That's where we've found GOODNESS.

17 Apr 12

Sibusiso Tshabalala, owner of Berry Hill Trading, set up his business after visiting the family farm in Volksrust. His grandfather had a small-scale charcoal and woodcutting venture and Sibusiso’s dream was to set South Africa on fire. “I took a big risk when I started Berry Hill Trading” he says.

He received assistance from Pick n Pay’s mentorship programme that saw potential in his business and decided to invest in it through the Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation. Sibusiso was surprised that he had been noticed by such a large company, but that’s a major part of the way Pick n Pay does business; empowering people with sustainable dreams. Sibusiso says, “If Pick n Pay hadn’t taken an interest in us, we wouldn’t have succeeded.”

These days, Sibusiso supplies Pick n Pay stores across SA with his charcoal product. “Braaing makes me think of family and spending time with the people you love.” Sibusiso’s success proves why doing good is good business. He now employs more than 200 people and gathers wood from the farms of around 33 emerging farmers, much of which comes from alien vegetation.

  • Charcoal burns at intense temperatures of up to 2700 degrees Celsius.
  • Evidence suggests that charcoal was used as early as 5500 years ago in Europe.

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