Angus Beef

Meadowbrook Angus farms

“These Angus cattle have a long history,” says Hendrik.

22 May 14

Husband-and-wife team Hendrik and Marietjie Jacobs are the proud owners of Meadowbrook Angus Farms located in the Vredefort Dome, a World Heritage Site outside Parys, which produces a selection of commercial beef for PnP. “These Angus cattle have a long history,” says Hendrik. Around four centuries ago, beef farmers in Scotland’s Aberdeenshire and Angushire regions were considered to own some of the best-bred bulls in the world, and by the early 90s: “Our farmers realised that the consumer could have access to beef produced from a cattle breed perfected over centuries for their excellent beef quality.” Today, Angus cattle (as they’re commonly known) can be found all over the world, including areas in the Kalahari, Australia and the Americas. Angus Beef products are available at selected PnP stores nationwide.


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